Reist Transload has the capability to protect grain and meal products at our facility because we have the ability to properly store grain.

Utilizing storage bins that have aeration and monitoring ensures that the product is protected for over a long period.

Reist Transload storage systems include using flat-bottom or hopper bottom bins with aeration and drying capabilities. These bins act as warehouses and protect the grain from spoilage, insects, rodents, and weather.

Proper storage systems offer a benefit to the improved health of humans and animals who consume these grains. Grains not properly stored can produce fungi. This fungi can develop off-odors and can eventually lead to contamination by mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are harmful to the health for both animals and humans. Consumption of mycotoxins could be lethal.

Similarly, infestation by insects, rodents and birds can also cause off-odors as well as contamination of the product by animals that carry disease.

Improved quality of raw materials will ultimately results in production of high quality food and feed products.